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The jewels in this collection celebrate the sensations of the Thar desert; each piece a reflection of the undulating dunes, the majestic palaces and the resounding echoes of Rajasthani royalty.

Each piece endures the ages, and reflects a bygone era: a place where intricate inlay of marble and stone latticework gave way to sprawling Persian rugs, and royal durbars opened their entertainment with the haunting sounds of dhol drums and trumpets. Night after night, the music of revered folk artists played on and the sands of time ebbed and flowed. Princes enthroned richly bedecked elephants, riding in to receive sumptuous dinners served in thalis of gold and silver.

Women in colorful drapes and heavy jewelry hid behind veils and ornate jharokas. Behind this beautiful veneer, also hid their victories and defeats, loyalties and treacheries, suffering and ecstasy, chaos and calm. A blaze of sentient color amid the arid and relentless desert.

Each jewel is made from the heart, using traditional methods, ideas and art to carry the soul of this Great Indian Desert, and give it a heartbeat. It is deep and subtle and not everyone can hear it...