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Roshni Singhal, the founder and designer of the brand Agaro Jewels, has carved a niche for herself in the world of jewelry with her passion for the art of enameling. Despite coming from a finance background, Roshni's fascination with enameling led her to take a course in the United Kingdom under the guidance of a famous enamelist. It was during this course that she fell in love with the art form and decided to pursue something within this domain.

The inception of Agaro Jewels happened organically for Roshni. During her travels to Jaipur and Bikaner, she collaborated with local artisans to create unique pieces for herself. Upon wearing these pieces, her friends and family were captivated by their beauty and started requesting similar designs for themselves. This overwhelming response gave rise to the brand Agaro.

Roshni frequently travel to the artisans' workshops to oversee the craftsmanship. However, in her pursuit of perfection and to ensure the highest quality of workmanship, she eventually established her own jewelry and enameling studio in Mumbai, where she currently resides with her husband and 12-year-old son. This decision has allowed her to closely monitor and supervise every step of the process, enabling her to achieve a quality of enameling that is difficult to come by.

Combining her technical knowledge with a profound understanding of Indian traditions and aesthetics, Roshni fulfills her dream as a designer by working closely with artisans. Together, they push the boundaries of their craft to create a range of handmade jewelry that is truly unique and unlike anything seen before.

For Roshni, Agaro holds a special meaning that resonates with everyone who encounters it. It represents rebirth, symbolized by the remarkable fusion of glass and metal that takes place within the intense heat of the kiln. Just as the kiln burns away impurities and transforms separate entities into a new, singular identity, Roshni sees her personal journey as a parallel metamorphosis. Stepping into the world of artisans is like entering a kiln, where she constantly undergoes a process of rebirth and transformation.