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Jewelry Care

Agaro jewelry endures with timeless beauty, just like its stories and heritage. To ensure your jewelry remains at its rightful peak of quality, please observe our simple jewelry care steps.

Keep your jewelry in a dry place, away from humidity, moisture, extreme temperatures, and extended exposure to sunlight, as the gold might get discolored or the stones might become loose.  

Wear your jewelry for every occasion, but add as the finishing touch to your outfit after dressing, and after application of any cosmetics, make-up, and perfume, to avoid potential snagging and any chemical exposure.

Avoid wearing your jewelry when showering or washing up, to prevent soap particles from making their way into the delicate stone settings and engravings, and to avoid chemical films which can create a dull finish.

Store your jewelry in its own box or pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and tangling with other items. We’d advise keeping each item wrapped in a separate piece of tissue paper, to prevent the enamel from getting scratched.

Avoid polishing your jewelry unprofessionally at home - the 24K gold kundan setting is soft and can get easily damaged. 

Avoid using un-specialized cleaning products to maintain your jewelry: liquid cleaners, detergent, soap and toothpaste will all damage the delicate settings or risk ruining the engraving or enameling. 

Our precious metals can be delicate. Please try to avoid regular and high pressure contact with hard surfaces to avoid scratching or chipping delicate enameling.

Be gentle, and enjoy: remember your Agaro jewelry is like a little piece of yourself, forged by an artisan’s hard graft. Treat it with care, consciousness, and respect, and its beauty will be lifelong.