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Capturing the essence of India in a single, exquisite work of art, each piece of the Roya collection, with its magnificent enameling, its sublime precious stones, and its delicately wrought 23-karat gold, is unique and has a story to tell. 


In this collection, no two jewels are the same. It is a dedication by the artisans who create it – their enameling journey passed over in a single piece.  From the remnants of beautiful, war-torn Persia to the imperial kharkhanas of the Mughal Court, the artisans are testament to an enduring and ancient culture.

Telling their story through the meenakari handiwork is not just telling the story of the jewel itself, which moves through five stages and craftspeople, but stories which meant something then, and mean something now. Stories of enduring humanity, of courage and nature. Stories of the modern world, and of you and me.

You choose the shape and the enamel color, and pattern and detail is a flourish by the artisan; freehand and consistently beautiful. Just like commissioning an artwork, the detail is a subtle surprise. What you can be sure of is that your piece is crafted by human hands – and there will only ever be one of them.