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  • 'Midnight Veil' Mihrab Necklace
  • 'Midnight Veil' Mihrab Necklace
  • 'Midnight Veil' Mihrab Necklace
  • 'Midnight Veil' Mihrab Necklace
  • 'Midnight Veil' Mihrab Necklace
  • 'Midnight Veil' Mihrab Necklace

'Midnight Veil' Mihrab Necklace

$2,500 USD

A vision in blue, draped in a Midnight Veil – a shimmering shroud which will forever wash away the day’s glaring intensity, allowing to languish in the tranquility, serenity and silence experienced at this most precious moment in time. A celebration by twinkling flowers, as they dance on an inky blue sky.

This reversible pendant is a modern heirloom made with traditional artistry, drawing inspiration from ancient islamic motifs, but displaying contemporary elegance and style.

Although each Roya pendant is unique, they all share the same symbolism. The traditional flower-motifs in enamel, based on the ancient indo-islamic symbols representing the fullness of life, celebrate the abundance of the natural world, and the vastness of potential waiting to be awakened within you.

Pendant in 22K gold with 24k gold kundan setting, rose cut diamond and vitreous enamel.  

Comes fitted with a 22K yellow gold chain embellished with rose cut diamonds and an 18K gold lobster clasp.

Pendant: approx. 17 mm
Chain length: 16" (Please write to us at care@agarojewels.com for a custom pendant size or chain length). 

Ships within 1 week. 

Prices are inclusive of duties, shipping, freight and insurance.

Please note: All of our jewelry is entirely handcrafted, which means that each piece is unique, with individual variations in the enamel motifs, carat weights and stone quantities. Everything we sell is made using traditional methods and crafts which date back to the Mughal era. To learn more about how the jewelry is made please visit The Agaro Karkhana.