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  • Jasmine Mohur Only
  • Jasmine Mohur Only
  • Jasmine Mohur Only
  • Jasmine Mohur Only

Jasmine Mohur Only

$1,785 USD

The mohur of Night Blooming Jasmine is a mystical talisman infused with the essence of this captivating flower. When held close, it radiates a gentle, soothing energy that enchants the senses and uplifts the spirit. It serves as a conduit to the realm of dreams and enchantment, unlocking hidden desires and inspiring creativity. Secret whispers of love and passion will guide its wearer towards profound connections and embracing the allure of the unknown.

22K gold, blue sapphires and vitreous enamel painting.  

Pendant: approx. 12 mm
(Please write to us at care@agarojewels.com to explore the option of attaching your cherished Mohur pendant to one of our handmade 22K gold chains.)

Shipping take approximately 2 weeks; please consider this time requirement when placing your order. 

Prices are inclusive of duties, shipping, freight and insurance.

Please note: All of our jewelry is entirely handcrafted, which means that each piece is unique, with individual variations in the enamel motifs, carat weights and stone quantities. Everything we sell is made using traditional methods and crafts which date back to the Mughal era. To learn more about how the jewelry is made please visit The Agaro Karkhana.