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  • Eternal Lotus Ring
  • Eternal Lotus Ring
  • Eternal Lotus Ring
  • Eternal Lotus Ring
  • Eternal Lotus Ring

Eternal Lotus Ring

$2,050 USD

In a lotus ring's embrace, enchantment unfurls,
Tiny flowers hand engraved, enameling in twirls,
Two tones dance harmoniously, a visual delight,
Symbolizing rebirth, the lotus blooms in resplendent light.

22k gold and vitreous enamel.

For a custom size which is not listed, please email us at care@agarojewels.com.

We recommend that you visit your local jeweler to accurately determine your ring size. Measure your size at the end of the day when fingers are typically thicker. For accurate reading, measure it 3 to 4 times.

If you do not have access to a local jeweler, you can download our guide to help you determine your size.

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Please note: All of our jewelry is entirely handcrafted, which means that each piece is unique, with individual variations in size, enamel motifs, carat weights and stone quantities. Everything we sell is made using traditional methods and crafts which date back to the Mughal era. To learn more about how the jewelry is made please visit The Agaro Karkhana.